Five Friday Faves: Gold Earrings & Matcha Powder

Weekly favorites! On the Instagram poll I made a couple of weeks ago, the majority of you guys voted for weekly favorites. So, you ask and you shall receive: I compiled a list of my favorite products of the week. They’re amazing and helped me get through these past seven days. Did anyone else think this was the longest week ever? So, I just want to share these with you guys. Like always, all brand details are linked and you can shop the post at the bottom!

H&M glittery disco shoes!

I feel like you can’t have a bad time whilst wearing these shoes. I mean what’s better than slipping on these babies for the weekend and having a night on the town with your fave pals? These are surprisingly comfy (due to the chunkier heel), I’m in love with the subtle glitter. They’re perfect for anytime of day and literally go with everything, whether that be day dresses, jeans, faux leather pants, evening wear, you name it.

glitter heels


Urban Outfitters Bralettes:

I mean these bralettes are on my ALL TIME FAVES list because they are literally the comfiest bralettes you will ever wear and they aren’t crazy expensive like a lot of other bra-selling store. These are on my five Friday finds because I just recently purchased a new style, and I’m in love. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything––no underwire, no lace––just plain good ol’ cotton BUT IT’S STILL VERY CUTE. I really like the ribbed texture and straight cut style––very simple, but hey, sometimes simple is the best way to go!

urban outfitters bra


Click HERE for more bralette styles!

Hoop Earrings:

Gold hoop earrings to be exact. I feel like these are a very simple and easy way to spruce up your outfit and give your look a little kick. I would consider this accessory to be a statement piece that isn’t too loud, which is perfect for those of you who are hesitant with wearing statement pieces. I’m all about comfort, so to my readers who value comfort over anything else: throw on your fave pair of boyfriend jeans, a graphic/vintage tee, some sneakers, and these little guys, and boom, you’re good to go. 

gold hoop earrings

HERE are the ones I’m really into right now.

Matcha Tea Powder:

I recently just started making my own matcha drinks at home with some matcha powder I bought from the store and my life is changed––okay, maybe that’s too dramatic, but I LOVE match drinks, whether that be just straight up matcha, water and ice or a latte. So, having this amazing matcha powder right in my home makes it so much easier to satisfy this obsession. Matcha is also pretty great for your health as well. It is really high in theanine, which is an amino acid that helps with anxiety. Here’s an article that lists all the benefits of matcha if you want to check it out. (

matcha tea

The brand that I use is called: UJIDO Matcha Green Tea Powder

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment:

I know this is a pretty popular product in general, but my lips have been VERY DRY AND CRUSTY due to the strangely cold weather here in LA (don’t get me wrong––I love the cold weather here, it’s nice to have a change, you know) BUUTTTT, my poor, weak lips are not used it and have been so dry and they’re cracking and it’s just NOT A GOOD SITUATION. *(Tangent): I was eating lime flavored Lays chips (because they are DELICIOUS) and the lime favoring literally went into the cracked parts of my lips and destroyed them (end of tangent)* So, I started using this lip balm because my sister uses it, and it’s actually amazing. It’s really hydrating and literally made all the dry skin on my lips go away, leaving baby smooth skin behind. I was a little skeptical about it because I don’t really want to spend $24 on a lip balm, but I think it’s worth it, and it smells very good. It also has SPF 15! They also have tinted versions as well, but I just use the untinted version.

lip balm





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