The Only Hat I Will Be Wearing This Year

newsboy hat

Okay, don’t kill me, but I want to share a brief history lesson on this cap with you. Not to be mistaken with a “flap cap,” this cap, a.k.a  a “newsboy” cap or the “Gatsby” cap was prominent in the late 1800s and early 1900s, most notably in the United Kingdom and North America. It’s called a “newsboyhat because–you guessed it–it was worn by boys who delivered the newspaper. However, it was also worn by many other types of people, such as fisherman, dockworkers, sportsmen, factory workers, etc. There has recently been a resurgence of this cap, which I am super happy about because this hat is the best accessory ever. This is not an understatement. This head accessory elevates every. Single. LOOK. Do you see this face (*pointing to my face, which is in a serious expression*) I am not joking around here, people. 

newsboy hat outfit

They make every outfit sophisticated and stylish, and even better, they are perfect to cover up bad hair days (9/10 times the reason why you will see me wearing a hat). But at least now I can look stylish on my worst hair days!

From being the unofficial uniform of little boys during the U.S’s industrial revolution, the newsboy/baker boy/Gatsby cap evolved into a trendy head accessory that all fashion people are utilizing to complete their look and a common sight on the high fashion runways.


newsboy hat

1. Lulus

2. Topshop

3. Lack of Color

4. Topshop

5. Missguided

6. Brixton

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