Go With the Flow: A Lesson for a Stress-Free Life

misfits and roses outfit

So, let me tell you the story behind these outfit pics

These were the first ‘blog’ photos I took in about seven months–meaning the first time in seven months, I dressed up in an outfit that I consciously knew I was going to take pictures in, made sure to grab my big-blog photo-taking camera before I left the house, and already had a location in mind where I wanted to take these pics. I leave the house with feeling of ambition and determination–I feeling I haven’t experienced in about seven months. So, you could probably say that I was pretty excited. 


misfits and roses outfit

misfits and roses outfitHowever,

as life keeps reminding me over and over again, you cannot account for or control everything in the world, and on this day, that uncontrollable force was LA traffic. My sister and I drove over to the already chosen location after having a delicious meal with some friends. But when we arrived at the destination… there was absolutely no parking (~sigh~). So, I had to think of a location B fast. And if you know me, I get really stressed out whenever things don’t go my way or how I imagined them to be.


misfits and roses outfit

misfits and roses outfit


We scouted locations while driving slowly through neighborhoods, popular areas, and I was about to throw my hands up and just go home. However, just as I was about to tell my sister to drive back, we spot it. A quaint neighborhood that’s definitely up my alley aesthetic-wise. We pull over, and I quickly get out of the car, camera in hand, speed walking to a certain spot I had to take pics at. We get there, hope and excitement fluttering in my chest, took a few test shots, adjusted the brightness, aperture, all the good stuff and… the pictures did not turn out the way I wanted. The lighting was bad. The area didn’t look good. Now I was ready to give up and just do it another day. As I trudged my way back to the car, my sister/photographer yells for me to stop.

“This actually looks pretty good!” She says, bringing the camera over to me.

While I was a bit skeptical, I cup my hands around the large camera to see the picture displayed on the screen. I think, hmm, these do look pretty good. Okay, let’s keep going. We continue to take pictures, and I ended up satisfied with a solid amount of pictures for this post.


misfits and roses outfit

So, you’re probably wondering, Annette, why did you make us read that whole long story about taking pictures?

Well, dear reader, I want to show you that life will always throw curve balls at you whether that be a small incident like this or a big life changing event that sends you reeling.  I want to remind you guys that when that happens, sometimes the best thing to do is to just go with the flow. I know that sounds cliché, and I’m saying to use “go with the flow” as an excuse for inaction. But when things don’t go your way and there isn’t really anyway to control it, I think you should just let things fall into place naturally and try not to force it. In the end, it’s all going to be okay even if it doesn’t feel like that way now. Sometimes you just have to relax, go with the flow, and take a deep breath. And 99.99999999% of the times, it will work out. I think a lot of people need to be reminded of that.

And that, my friends, is my “hello, I’ve returned from a seven month hiatus-welcome back-post.”

I hope you enjoyed, and brand details of this outfit are at the bottom like always.


misfits and roses outfit

misfits and roses outfit


Hat: Brixton (in navy)

Sunglasses: Ray Ban (in classic)

Top: Zara (similar)

Jeans: Hudson

Belt bag: Gucci 

Shoes: Zara (similar)

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