Swimsuits Roundup for Summer 2017

Summer has literally pounced onto us full force and with claws out when our backs were turned. I don’t know how we’re already in Summer or how the school year is already over, but both facts are upon us.

swimsuits roundup misfits and roses

Before I get started, I would love to give a shout out to all of the students who made it through the 2016-2017 school year, woo hoo – SUMMER BREAK! Since Summer is usually a time for hanging out at beaches and pools, swimming, and just overall chilling out in our swimsuits, I thought it was apropos to make a compilation of swimsuits for you guys to buy for this Summer (if you want). I’m usually always so unprepared for Summer because it arrives so fast, so I spent hours searching for cute swimsuits for those who are like me. Most of these are on my swimsuit ‘Wish List,’ but some I have in my possession as well. All of these products are going to be linked and I hope you find something to your liking!


swimsuit roundup misfits and roses swimsuit roundup misfits and roses

I think a yellow swimsuit is so pretty and cute – and they look good on everyone!


  1. Acacia: “Shaka in Pineapple” Top ($79), Bottom ($76) (it’s on sale!)
  2. Kiini: “Yaz” Top ($165), Bottom ($120)
  3. Boys and Arrows: “Dana the Delinquent” Top ($110), “Scout the Scallywag” Bottom ($110)
  4. J. Crew: “Seersucker” Top ($52), Bottom ($44)
  5.  Solid and Striped: “The Morgan in Marigold Gingham” Top ($88), Bottom ($88)
  6. J. Crew: “Scalloped Italian Matte” Top ($68), Bottom ($54)
  7. Rip Curl: “Rising Star” Top ($49), Bottom ($44) *the bottoms are reversible!
  8. Solid and Striped: “The Morgan in Black and Nude” Top & Bottom (both $88)


swimsuit roundup misfits and roses

Stripes and gingham are always go-to summer patterns and prints, so I made sure to find lots of cute swimsuits with these patterns!


  1. Boys and Arrows: “Dancin’ Dixie” Top ($ 101) “Joey the Juvy” Bottoms ($101)
  2. Solid and Striped: “The Bridgette” Top & Bottom (each $88)
  3. Indah: “Flutter” Top ($88), Bottom ($88)
  4. Marysia Swim: “Antibes” Top ($141), “Broadway” Bottom ($148)
  5. Boys and Arrows: “Dylan the Desperado” top ($101), “Joey the Juvy” bottom ($101)
  6. TopShop: “Stripe Bardot” Bikini set ($56)
  7. TopShop: “Gingham Bikini” Top ($35), Bottom ($26)
  8. Epoch Swimwear: “Khayla Rose” Top ($38), bottom ($38) *these are reversible!


swimsuit roundup misfits and roses

One piece swimsuits are so in right now! Make sure you have one for this summer!

  1. Solid and Striped: “The Anne Marie” One Piece ($161)
  2. Solid and Striped: “The Anne Marie” One Piece ($168)
  3. Moeva: “Alexandra” One Piece ($280)
  4. Tavik Monahan: One Piece ($146)
  5. Mara Hoffman: “Underwire” One Piece ($240)
  6. Mara Hoffman: “The Front” One Piece ($230)
  7. PilyQ: “Farrah” One Piece ($143)
  8. Vitamin A: “Neutra” One Piece ($190)



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    • June 17, 2017 / 3:26 am

      No problem!! I think they’re all so perfect for Summer! Love your blog by the way! 🙂

  1. February 16, 2018 / 11:00 am

    Such good calls last year! The 80s high cut really came out of no where last summer though. We think sheer and crochet might be huge in 2018…

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