Inside Scoop: The Museum of Ice Cream

Hahaha, did you get my title? (…I make myself laugh)

To be honest, I was a little hesitant when my mom announced that she got tickets to the “it” exhibit at the moment: The Museum of Ice Cream. I thought it was going to be just another overrated LA thing that people only go to to take pretty pictures for Instagram. That assumption was half correct. Yes, I think most people went there to take pictures (which I’m not judging. I mean who wouldn’t take pictures against that pretty pink wall and in the museum filled with one of the most photogenic foods ever?) BUT the actual museum as a whole was actually very fun. The workers were super friendly and fun. The ice cream was delicious. And, the art was amazing and cool. Overall, it was an A-OK experience that I do not have any regrets about going, and I think this is perfect for Summer.

museum of ice cream misfits and roses

Here’s how our day went: We got there 35 minutes early (you need to buy your tickets beforehand), so we walked around a bit, and curiously, we saw sprinkles of all different colors strewn about everywhere – on the sidewalks, the streets, etc.

museum of ice cream misfits and roses

We got into the line about 15-20 minutes early in which a man proceeded to ask for ID, tickets, just confirmation sort of stuff. He then put us into a group and told us to choose a team name. After an awkward pause and some nervous glances, someone just yelled out Rocky Road. By then, they were ready to let our group in. But before we got in, we went around saying our name and our favorite ice cream flavor

museum of ice cream misfits and roses

(I said, Annette Mint Chip – surprisingly, no one had the same favorite flavor with anyone else). The “rule” to get through a door is to yell out our group name as loud as you can. So, after yelling ROCKY ROAD, we got into the museum. (We weren’t allowed to touch the bananas)

museum of ice cream misfits and roses

museum of ice cream misfits and roses

museum of ice cream misfits and roses

museum of ice cream misfits and roses Each room had something fantastically unique and different, and it was always a pleasant surprise to walk into one. (I was this close to getting that pink ice cream thingy)

museum of ice cream misfits and roses Ahh the infamous sprinkles pool – probably the place you see on most of the Instagram posts in your feed and the thing you think about first when someone says “Museum of Ice Cream.” Before we got in, we had to answer some questions. The girl asked us, Which flavor of ice cream is the most popular? You guys probably know it –– A: mint chip (I answered it!) And the reason I knew it was mint chip was because you know when you have to go around the class or a group and say your name and your favorite ice cream flavor as a sort of ice breaker? Yeah, well every time I’ve had to do that (which is A LOT), more than half of the responses are mint chip. (So thank you school and camps for always making us answer awkward ice breaker questions)

museum of ice cream misfits and roses I was both amused and horrified when I heard that some people actually tried eating the sprinkles (Spoiler alert: they’re not real) or were pouring handfuls into their mouth. It’s also way deeper than I expected. I got an unnatural amount of those faux sprinkles in my pants and did not know that until I was at home, changing, when I saw a pile of them on the floor.

museum of ice cream misfits and roses

museum of ice cream misfits and roses

This in fact did change my life.

museum of ice cream misfits and roses

Overall, exploring the Museum of Ice Cream was a pretty cool experience. And the one thing I gained out of it is DO NOT EAT THE SPRINKLES! (Also wear pants that are tight unless you want to have fake sprinkles stuck inside your jeans all day)


Sweater: Vince (similar here)

Jeans: Hudson

Boots: Zara (similar here & here)

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  1. June 8, 2017 / 11:23 am

    Mint chip is my favorite! But honestly I will eat any ice cream…. pretty sure I could be an ice cream addict. Lol

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