Bathtubs n’ Blazers

This shoot was a brainchild of my love for showers and 80s fashion, so I hope you enjoy. (And I know that I’m sitting in a bathtub, but I thought it looked better with the whole aesthetic, if you know what I mean.)

I think showers are amazing. When you’re getting ready for bed, what’s better than a nice, steaming shower to help you ease into relaxation? I actually get most of my ideas whilst showering and believe it or not– this whole idea sprang into my head while I was conditioning my hair.

There’s something soothing about it – seeing the steam curl and twist around the room and watching the glass doors and mirror fog up until you just see a slightly white opaque wall – Observing he water from the shower-head pelts that opaque glass wall with tiny water droplets, causing it to resemble a star-speckled sky.

Every time I’m anxious, stressed, sad, or just feel like a walking zombie, I take a shower and come out feeling like a new woman! (I usually exclaim, “I feel like a new woman!” every time I step out of the bathroom after I’ve showered and gotten dressed, in which my sister lightly chuckles from her bed). Singing in the shower is almost therapeutic. Blasting the top 100 on Spotify to some chill summer songs or some 80s rock…

Oh, look – a perfect segue to my next point: some 80s fashion for you guys!

So, I did some research and found that 80s fashion is coming back – and coming back strong. The SS17 runway shows displayed bright colors, like fuchsia and hot pink, to large shoulder pads to ruffles. Thus, I decided to create an outfit based on that trend because I love 80s fashion. As my friend, Carolyn, described this outfit and this sort of bathroom flash photography: it’s reminiscent of “Great Britain in the 80s.”

I paired this bright fuchsia ruffled dress (which is absolutely amazing and is very consistent to the 80s theme) with a long, oversized blazer to give it a more masculine edge and to subdue the dress’s fanciness (for lack of a better word) and femininity.  I wore these pink tinted glasses and buckled on these fantastic boots (that are a perfect, much more affordable version of the coveted Balenciaga ones you see celebs like Rihanna walking down the streets in.)

Photos by CK

–––––– LOOK –––––––

Sunnies: Grove Kiosk (similar here)

Blazer: Isabel Marant Étoile (similar here)

Dress: Lucky Chouette (similar here)

Boots: Jeffery Campbell (similar here)



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