5 Things I’ve Learned || Coachella 2017 Day 3

For a day three, I didn’t stay late at night because I had to go back to school the next day, so I wore a more extravagant outfit (so to say). But, to be honest, these pictures were some of my favorites because I think they really embody this Coachella design/theme, especially since you can see the decorations and art sculptures in the background. Also these pictures were taken during the day so the lighting is different than my other pictures.

DAY 3 OUTFIT: (See rest of Coachella 2017 diary HERE)

I wore this black and white floral print romper, which included these awesome cutouts at the sides. I paired it with this very extravagant, long, golden kimono, which I only usually wear around the house when I pretend I’m a princess (so basically every day). But seriously, I don’t get to wear this jacket that much during the normal week or during my normal life, so I thought it was perfect to wear it during Coachella because you can basically wear anything and get away with it there. I also put my hair into French braids (actually Chloe put my hair into braids since I cannot braid at all). I didn’t want to put my hair down since it was just too hot.

coachella 2017 outfit and advice

Since the dust usually gets bad during the day, I wore this pink bandanna to cover my mouth and nose to match my rose gold Ray-Bans. Bandanas are a must bring to Coachella. If you guys are going to go Coachella for the first time, I strongly recommend bringing a bandanna to keep the dust out of your lungs. I just wore a white lace bralette and my white Reeboks for the last day.

coachella 2017 outfit and advice


For this post, I also wanted to add just some tips that I learned during my time at Coachella. And I want to share my newfound knowledge with you guys and to the people who are planning on going to Coachella next year or for those who are at Coachella right now because I know it’s weekend two right now.

1) What you should bring with you to the actual festival

  • Bring small money/cash
  • Small backpack/fanny pack
  • Portable charger
  • Good running/walking shoes
  • Bandana
  • Water (but make sure you don’t open it before you get into the actual festival) — water is 2 dollars within the festival

coachella 2017 outfit and advice

2) Most people there are so nice (which surprised me), so don’t be hesitant to reach out and talk to some new people! However, make sure you’re aware of your surroundings and have some caution while talking to strangers because literally the most unassuming person almost tried stealing my sister’s phone, so just be aware!!

3) Make sure you know which shows are happening at what time and at which tent, so you can plan where you want to go and make it to the shows on time. (They have all the artists and show times on the Coachella app). My friend actually made a whole itinerary for everyone.

coachella 2017 outfit and advice

4) Always stick with your group!!! (or at least with one other person, but don’t wander off on your own). I cannot stress this enough. The service is very bad, so don’t rely on calling or texting your friends if you get lost. And, your friends and you should designate a meeting point just in case someone gets lost. Our meeting point was in front of Backyard Bowl in the VIP section or in front of this store called the General Store. ALSO DO NOT TAKE DRINKS FROM STRANGERS NO MATTER HOW THIRSTY YOU ARE!! AND ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU’RE WATCHING YOUR DRINK!!

coachella 2017 outfit and advice

5) Have fun!! A thing I learned during my experience, which was really important was: don’t focus too much or get too hung up on the big acts that are performing. Like, don’t have the mindset of ONLY seeing the well known artists/bands since most of my favorite shows were artists I didn’t even know the names of. So, remember to keep an open mind, and you’ll have loads of fun!!

coachella 2017 outfit and advice


Sunnies // Ray Ban (more affordable here)

Romper // similar here

Bralette // Urban Outfitters

Kimono // Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Shoes // Reebok

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