Coachella 2017 Day 2: Pink Hair and Yellow Shorts

My second day of the Coachella festival was crammed with parties, shows, dancing until my body literally dripped sweat, just overall having a great time with friends… and of course, taking many pics of my outfit. (and meeting some awesome new people as well – mostly because I was shoved into them during most of the shows. For day deux, I wanted to be… aerodynamic, if you get what I’m saying – like I didn’t want to be held down by inconvenient clothing. So, I wore this festival outfit consisting of this sort of bralette-shirt type thing over a lace bralette, some yellow high waisted shorts (which I ADORE), and an abundance of cool accessories to really spruce it up.

DAY 2 OUTFIT (see my Day 1 outfit HERE)

coachella 2017 outfit

 I got these shorts kind of a long time ago (I would say around 2 years ago?). And they are absolutely perfect for Coachella! They’re high waisted (which is already a plus), and I’m in love with the material – it’s very sturdy, which makes me feel like I can move around without worrying about flashing anyone. The color is amazing, and it makes the perfect statement piece to add some fun to any outfit – especially since it’s Spring, and Summer is just around the corner.

coachella 2017 outfit

I bought this bralette sort of thing the night before as well, and I just wore a lace bralette underneath to add some more interesting aspects or dimensions (so to say) since I really liked how you could see the lace just peeking below the shirt. In addition, I wore two chokers, and if you look closely, they’re star themed! If something has stars on them, there is a 100% chance that I will look at it, and an 87% chance that I would buy it.

coachella 2017 outfit

I got these shoes literally the day before at the Hyde x Republic Records x Hudson party because they were giving out free sneakers. And these sneakers also SAVED MY LIFE. Like I said in my last post, I got really bad blisters from my other shoes, so THANK GOODNESS that they were giving these out. Literally a gift sent from Heaven.

coachella 2017 outfit

This small backpack, I’m telling you, was a LIFESAVER. It fits 2 water bottles, my wallet, portable charger, phone, and my sunglasses (at night) with much room to spare. It just made my life at Coachella much easier.

I just wore the same Ray Bans from the day before because I didn’t bring that many pairs of sunglasses since a) I’m only there for 3 days and b) these stay really well on my face. While I was dancing and jumping around, they did not move around at all. They’re also really small, so they’re easy to carry around or quickly shove into my small backpack at any time.

coachella 2017 outfit

I got my hair done at the party before, and all my dreams came true when I saw my lil’ buns spritzed with this pinky goodness. Unfortunately it’s only temporary and washes out when you take a shower. (Just you wait guys, I’m planning on dying my hair pink ;)) BUT if your dreams don’t include permanent pink hair, this hair color spray is kind of perfect for if you just want to color your hair for a special occasion (like Coachella).


Hair Spray // Joico

Sunnies // Ray Ban (more affordable here)

Denim blue star choker // similar here

Black choker with star pendant // similar here & here

Lace bralette: Urban Outfitters 

Bralette shirt/thing: LF

Shorts // Zara (similar here)

Backpack: Nasty Gal (similar here)

Shoes // Reebok

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