The Universe of Us Book Review: Words Made of Love and Stardust

Book review: the perfect book to curl up with on a rainy day 

I just recently purchased the book, The Universe of Us, poetry book by Lang Leav, and it’s amazing. So, I decided to write this book review and provide some pretty pictures for you all! This cute, little book is a beautiful collection of poems with stunning imagery that will get you lost amongst the stars, constellations, and planets. She describes ideas of love and hope, loss and hurt, with so few words, but is just as impactful.

My copy is a bit rain worn – because I accidentally dropped it in a puddle of water while sprinting through the streets of New York, trying to make it to the NYU college tour on time. But I think it gives it some character, don’t you think? I actually purchased this book during at the Yale bookstore after the tour. This is the first book I’ve read that’s comprised of poetry – not like the poetry that I’ve read for school – but modern poetry written by living people today.

Her writing is phenomenal and written amazingly. Her words are so impactful and touching, allowing you relate to a poem so hard you’re amazed that she was able to put those indescribable feelings into so few words. Or, it makes your heart break from the descriptions of unrequited love and devastating loss. I never usually annotate books I read in my free time. But for this book, I had to underline and star my favorite lines, poems, and images. Here are some of my favorite pages and lines:

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universe of us book review

universe of us book review

universe of us book review

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