Space Buns and Slouchy Sweaters: New York Style Diary Day 3

Something very close and dear to my lil’ ol’ heart is comfort. Yes, sometimes I do like to torture myself and wear something very glamorous and high fashion at the expense of my physical and emotional well being, because you know, beauty is pain and pain is beauty (which I whisper to myself as I limp down the sidewalk while my heel is literally being rubbed raw and leaking fresh blood.) But, something prized in my style choices is in fact comfort. I just threw together this outfit in a rush while I was half asleep, so therefore, it’s very casual and comfortable, but I still think it looks a-ok!

I’m just wearing the same cashmere sweater I wore here and here because it is the most perfect undershirt/layer for cold weather, and I put on this blue knit sweater on top to add additional warmth (which actually belongs to my sister). It was actually pretty nice in New York today, so there wasn’t a need for thick coats or more layers.

I got these platform shoes during this trip, and I’m in love with them! I love how they’re platforms, adding a couple more inches to my height, and they have cute little stars on the side – which is my absolute favorite detail about these shoes! They’re also very comfortable and easy to walk in; however, I do recommend that you guys wear them with socks that cover your heels because they do rub. I’m wearing a size 37 in these (which is a size 6.5 in american sizes). I think rolled jeans look really good with platforms because they seem to make my legs look longer – I don’t know if that’s just my eyes playing tricks on me though, – but overall, I think it looks cleaner and more put together when you roll them.

The most important thing to keep in mind with having simple outfits is to accessorize, whether that be with your hair, adding a nice pop of color with your purse, or some statement sunglasses – in this case, I did a mixture of all three.


Sunnies // Tom Ford (more affordable here)

Cashmere under-sweater // Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Knit sweater // Urban Outfitters (similar here)

Jeans // Hudson

Shoes // Superga

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