Holden Caulfield Aesthetics: New York Style Diary Day 1

I’m in New York! Land of big apples, a city that never sleeps, and home of the Empire State Building (also home of the building that was used as the hotel in John Wick). As you guys probably noticed (or not), I did not post for a couple of weeks, but I have a completely legitimate, viable reason for that – which is, drum roll please… I was on college tour! Yes, I went on college tour with my school and visited a bunch of schools in the East Coast. However, I’m not just telling you guys this to explain why I went on an unofficial, official hiatus, but because spending time in the East Coast has taught me an ample amount of things about dressing for the cold.

As a girl who has lived in sunny LA for the entirety of her life, I think – and many other Californians I know – that anything under 70 degrees is pretty darn cold. 70s degrees to an Angeleno means it’s time to bust out your winter coat, which is most likely shoved all the way at the back of your closet and which you wear probably twice a year. So, boy was I shocked when we stepped into Boston and it was 38 degrees, and of course, I was wearing a thin sweatshirt (if you can even call it that) and a light cardigan… tisk tisk tisk. HOWEVER, throughout this trip, little, naive Annette learned many things and adapted to the cold. Using my resourcefulness, found a way to turn light sweaters, jeans, and other accessories into outfits that can brave the cold and still stay stylish. I didn’t take any pics during that week of college tour, but during that time gave me lots of practice to style appropriate outfits for this type of weather.

Also, let me just preface that one of my friends described this outfit as a “Holden Caulfield aesthetic” and I thought that was super cool and loved that….. just wanted to share that since Catcher in the Rye was one of the few books I actually really liked reading in school. (Thanks for that description Lulu!)

One essential thing I learned while spending time in cold weather is to layer! Because, first of all, I did not have the luxury nor the room of bringing thick winter coats in my suitcase. Second, I don’t want to buy big, expensive winter coats and only wear it during once during the year on that trip — it’s just not practical nor sensible to do that. So, I found layering way more reasonable, easy, and it keeps you just as warm.

For this outfit, I’m actually wearing a cashmere sweater underneath (I blabber about this sweater in this post as well). I layered on this striped sweater, which I love because it reminds me of the Gryffindor house (since it’s burgundy and yellow-ish). However, I am not a Gryffindor — I’m a proud Slytherin — so, to make up for this, I’m actually wearing my Slytherin shirt underneath all of these sweaters since I need to stay true to my house. In addition, I added this coat, which I’m in love with and which happens to be the possession of my mother’s, so thanks madre for letting me “borrow” this! It’s very warm, and it just pulls everything together, making any outfit look effortless and chic.

I jazzed up my purse by adding this really cool strap from my other bag, which actually added some more support and made it easier to carry around as I explore the city.

I also discovered that men’s jeans protect against the cold WAY better  than women’s skinny jeans (women’s jeans in general actually) — and the material is way more resilient I didn’t even feel the wind and/or cold on my legs, so it’s a good idea to invest in a pair of men’s jeans for harsh weather conditions.

I got these boots specifically for college tour in the east coast because I don’t own a pair of rain resistant shoes, so I thought it was a good idea to invest in a pair. These shoes are pretty well priced for a pair of boots, however, I found that the quality is not up to par. After one week of wear, the elastic part on the side is beginning to lose the elasticity, and it’s unravelling/fraying on the side. This was disappointing because I really like the style, they’re rain resistant, and they were really well priced.


Slytherin undershirt // Universal

Cashmere sweater I wore underneath // Urban Outfitters (something similar here)

Striped Sweater // Isabel Marant Étoile  (more affordable here)

Blazer/Jacket // Isabel Marant Étoile (couldn’t find it, so here’s something similar)

Jeans // Hudson

Sunnies // Ray Bans (more affordable here)

Boots // Jeffery Campbell (because they’re not very high qual, here is a similar one. And because I don’t have these, I don’t know the quality, but I read the reviews and most people seemed happy with them)

Purse // Givenchy  (more affordable here)

Bag strap // Marc Jacobs

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