While I was browsing Youtube, like one does, I stumbled upon some videos that were titled, “Things Girls Shouldn’t Wear” or “Outfits that Guys Hate and Love” – videos along those lines. And while I was watching them, my mind was blown away from the backward, ignorant, downright stupid ideas that these people were stating and sharing to the world. To summarize what was going on in these videos, the people (mainly guys, though I was surprised to see girls making these vids as well) were just blabbering about what guys don’t like girls wearing, and that girls should wear this and that because guys like it or things girls shouldn’t wear because guys hate it… hence the titles of the videos. These videos just reminded me of the one thing I absolutely hate when people say to me about my outfit choices, which are: “Who are you trying to impress?” “Guys don’t like when you wear that,” blah, blah, blah

The thing that bugs me the most about those statements and questions is that the people saying those things actually believe that I only care about what a guy thinks of me, and because of that, I dress in a way solely to impress boys. WHICH IS NOT TRUE AT ALL. ANDDDD SPOILER ALERT: 99.9% OF THE FEMALE POPULATION DOES NOT DRESS FOR MALE ATTENTION AND VALIDATION!!!! I know, I know, it might be mind blowing to you guys who think girls dress for you, but you can’t argue with the truth. Women are not on earth for the sole purpose of pleasing men, and to those who think that, leave this time period since the present and future have no room nor tolerance for ignorant, stupid thinking.

As cliché as it sounds, I dress for myself and only for myself. I don’t really give a care about what a guy thinks about my clothing choices. Furthermore, if a guy has the audacity to try to tell me how to dress, he’s most likely a douchebag and not worth my time. Hopefully, the same goes for you too. But, if you want to dress for a guy you have a crush on – like you want to wear something purple because you know that’s his favorite color, then go ahead! However, my point is: don’t let him control or try to tell you what you can or cannot wear because that’s simply unhealthy and disrespectful.

I think the most important thing is wearing something you love and feel great in, whether that be a simple tee and ripped jeans or an extravagant, floor length, neon yellow ball gown. If I’m wearing a great outfit, I feel confident – and that confidence does not stem from male validation, but from knowing I look good. If your comfortable, confident, and happy in the outfit you put together, then don’t listen to anyone who tries to squash your happiness and spirit.

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