Art Soothes the Soul

Whenever I get severely stressed and/or anxious (which is pretty much everyday), I turn to an activity I’ve been doing since I was a youngin’ which is painting or drawing or anything that involves art and creating things with my hands. Because, first of all, it takes a lot of focus, and second, a lot of energy, tiring me out physically and quieting the excessive amount of thinking that occurs within my brain. I use acrylic paint, which is a water-based paint, mostly because I can’t really stand the smell of the oil for oil paints. I know some people can simply paint something by just pulling the picture out of their head; however, that is not me, so I always need to look at a reference picture. I usually find said pictures on Tumblr. Right now, I love painting the sky, so I often search up ‘starry night skies’ (remember when I told you I have an obsession with the stars? — also, starry skies are just fun to paint), or I take a picture of something myself and paint that. So, if some of you guys have anxiety or feel anxious, try painting! Even if you think that you’re not good at painting or art in general, give it a go! It really helps. Here are some paintings I’ve whipped up during the late hours of sleepless nights.


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