What I Ate for Lunch Today

Here’s an extensive morsel by morsel guide to what I ate today because it was pretty delicious. I went to this cute little place in Silverlake called Gingergrass with my family, and ate some pretty great Vietnamese food (which is one of my favorite cuisines).  I admit, we did order A LOT, but who doesn’t like vietnamese leftovers for dinner and/or breakfast 😉


The dish you have to try if you go here is the calamari because they are soooo good! (on the left) I didn’t really like the egg rolls because they were crab and shrimp, but I don’t like those particular crustaceans (or any crustaceans in general); however, if we ordered the chicken or vegetable option, I would have definitely enjoyed them.

The spring rolls were delicious– the first one is your classic shrimp + chicken spring roll and the second one is one with beef, avocado, and asparagus. I didn’t think the second one was as good since I didn’t really like how the beef tasted (it had some sort of sauce) and I don’t like avocado…. (I KNOW I’M CRAZY! BUT I DON’T LIKE IT — NOT THE TASTE, THE TEXTURE, I DON’T LIKE ANYTHING ABOUT AVOCADO)


This beauty you’re seeing in the last three pics is called a Bánh Mì sandwich. Bánh Mì actually is a vietnamese term for all types of bread, usually referring to baguette bread (according to my Wikipedia search). This sandwich is filled with grilled pork, pickled radish and carrots (sooo good!), cilantro, mayo, cucumber, and jalapeno peppers. It is also served with some amazing fried shrimp chips (which I can eat for dayss) (Also, this was Chloe’s order, which I mooched off of)

MY MEAL: I got pho because I’m a pho lover; however, to be honest, this pho was subpar. The broth and flavor were great, but the noodles were not very good. I don’t know what it was, I think it was because the noodles were really overcooked, but it did not taste very good. I could recommend a lot of better places that have pho.

We ordered this dish to just to place in the middle of the table and share amongst the family. It’s a crab noodle dish, which was very good as well. Like I said, I don’t like crab, but the noodles without the crab tasted really good.


We actually got dessert at a Milk in Silverlake, but since there was no parking, my dad and I stayed in the car and my mom and sister went inside. So, I asked my sister get me a surprise, and she got one of my favorites, which is a scoop of their Thai tea ice cream. Perfect way to end this Sunday lunching!


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