The PERFECT Shoes You Can Wear with Anything (Literally Anything)

So, if you know me, you would know that once I find a good pair of shoes, those shoes will be on my feet everyday until they either get too dirty and my friends yell at me to get new ones or until they fall apart. WELL, I just found the PERFECT shoes that literally goes with everything and raises your outfit’s chic factor to a billion. anddd it has roses on it! How coincidental, so lovely!

I paired it with a little light jacket thing-y, well, it’s not a jacket. It’s actually a wrap dress; however, it’s wayyy to small, so I decided to wear it like a cardigan-eque thing. I’d like to say that that was very resourceful on my part 😉

Also, did I mention they are astronomically comfy! and they are the only shoes that elongates your legs that aren’t heels. The pointed tips and the fact that they don’t wrap around your ankle elongates your legs, making them appear longer. So, my tip to all my short legged sisters out there: get pointy tipped shoes! This type of slides will look excellent on you. Except, I’ve actually accepted my short legged-ness, so I don’t obsess over it that much anymore (sometimes on bad days), but I know how self conscious I used to be about having short legs, especially since my twin sister has mile long legs, so if this tip gives you some temporary confidence, go for it!

These pictures were taken in downtown LA, and what you don’t see was that a million other people were taking pictures and having their own little photo ops like moi, not even 10 feet away or across the street. And was I embarrassed?… Only a tiny bit, but you know what? It was worth it because now I have these pics to share with you all!


Wrap dress/makeshift cardigan/jacket thingy: Topshop (they don’t sell this style anymore but I linked something similar)

Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Boyfriend Jeans: Hudson jeans  (couldn’t find the same color, so here’s something similar)

SHOES: Intentionally Blank (great brand btw, lots of great stuff)


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