Best Vintage Find

I’m always a sucker for reasonable priced vintage pieces, so when I found this GREAT crème cashmere turtleneck at Urban Outfitters, I knew I had to get it. It’s the softest thing ever, warm, but pretty thin, so it works well for the ever fluctuating LA weather. Being heavily influenced by french style, I thought this was a perfect piece to add to my collection.

I paired it with a pair of MEN’S jeans. Yes, men’s jeans, and I advise you all to invest in a pair of them as well. I’m planning on writing a whole article dedicated to these gems of clothing, so here’s a brief one sentence spiel: The loose, straight fit is perfectly casual but gives outfits the perfect touch of cool due to the distressed rips. I had to wear a belt unless I wanted to wear my pants down at my ankles, so I wore this thick black belt I found lurking in the abandoned shadows of my closet.

I’m in love with the neck on this sweater (I wore it like a shirt in this though) because it’s just the right height and tightness. It’s like a lil’ baby turtle neck, so cute! As a person who values comfort over style, one thing that makes or breaks turtle necks for me are if they are too tight because I don’t really like being choked by the my own clothing. Also, the softness of the cashmere helps check the comfort box as well hehe.

My last accessories were these sunglasses from Gentle Monster (Great company by the way). I would have also loved to wear this outfit with some classic, round Ray Bans, but unfortunately I don’t currently have that specific pair in my possession. I liked how it added a nice pop of color, adding a more chic touch to make the outfit look a little less mom-ish (not that that’s a bad thing though!) And, I’m wearing the boots I literally wear every weekend.


Sweater // Urban Outfitters; something similar 

Jeans // Hudson Jeans 

Sunnies // Gentle Monster 

(they don’t sell these particular sunglass style anymore, but you should definitely check them out because they are pretty cool)

Boots // Madewell 



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